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The Citizens for Truth Research Committee is always working to compile our research into an easily digestible form for reading on this site. While the committee spends its time poring over facts, figures, government documents and interview transcripts, we know not everybody who is interested in the truth about the assassination has time for that sort of work. We hope you find the following articles provocative, readable and informative.

A word of caution: Citizens for Truth believes that the process of discovering the truth should be open to a diversity of opinions. While we don't dignify the views of assassination deniers, we do endeavor to be open to hearing arguments from every reasonable angle. Thus, the following articles do not necessarily represent the official views of Citizens for Truth. Do you have a contrary opinion or something to add? Please feel free to contribute.

Three Killings: An Overview of the December 2 Crime Scenes
by Patrick Flaherty
This is where to start if you want a basic overview of the assassination controversies. Citizens for Truth attorney Patrick Flaherty has written a clear, simple guide to what happened in and around MacArthur Park on December 2, 1999. From the death of Gates on the band shell to the unexplained death of a veteran LAPD officer to the killing of the alleged assassin by a rookie cop who wasn't supposed to be working alone, it's all here. Recommended reading for all newcomers to Gates assassination lore--and especially recommended for those who think they know the truth from the official reports.

Alek Hidell: A Character Assassination
by Debra Meagher
Citizens for Truth president Debra Meagher makes a compelling case that the official version of the alleged assassin's life--as outlined in the Garcetti Report--is a biased, distorted prosecutor's brief that fails to understand the essence of Alek Hidell. Through her own interviews with new witnesses as well as consultations with child-psychology experts, Debra tells a tale that you must read if you think you know who Alek Hidell was.

The Running Man: An Enduring Mystery
by David James
Citizens for Truth's former Director of Action David James examines some of the crucial information that the official investigators of the Gates assassination chose to ignore -- a man running at an extremely fast pace in the opposite direction of the crime scene, and heard to exclaim, "We shot him!" by a witness, with a mysterious vehicle later exiting quickly from an area into which the man disappeared... never to be seen again.

Silent Witness: Julia Serrano and the LAPD
Citizens for Truth's former Director of Action David James reveals surprising information from an audiotape and transcript of Julia Serrano's interrogation by LAPD Sergeant Manny Hernandez. Serrano originally stated that she witnessed the Running Man, who said, laughing, as he passed her, "We shot him." After the interrogation, however, she changed her story and stated that she heard the Running Man say "They shot him." Citizens for Truth believes that Julia Serrano caved under intense psychological pressure from her interrogator and changed her story, in order simply to get away from him.

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