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Citizens for Truth maintains the best resource for Gates assassination research right here on this site.

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The best way for you to get involved in Citizens for Truth's quest for real answers to this unsolved crime is to raise the awareness of people in your local area (and online) about the injustice being perpetrated on the people of the U.S. and the world. Our organization isn't a good one for "joiners" -- but it's a great one for doers, which is why taking Citizen Action is so important to keep the glare of public attention on the people who think they can sweep this matter under the rug.

In this section of our site, you'll find downloadable materials to help make Citizen Action easier for you in your local area, as well as a gallery of Citizen Actions taken by other people. Get out there and help keep the pressure on the government authorities -- then make sure to email us at to tell us what you're doing (include digital photos if you can) so that we can help network you with others in your local area. Together, we will succeed!

Citizen Action! Gallery
Take a look at some of the innovative ways that other Citizens are helping to keep the pressure on authorities to come clean on what really happened in MacArthur Park -- a great way to develop ideas on how to take action in your local area and network with others committed to the Truth.

Citizen Action! Materials
We wish we had the money to be able to disseminate Action materials to everyone, but as a grassroots organization with minimal finances, we rely upon the "do it yourself" spirit of Citizens across the country instead of big-budget advertising and lobbying. However, we have the materials ... and the step-by-step advice ... available for download to help you make t-shirts, spray paint templates, stickers and other Citizen Action materials yourself. Have an idea for other materials that we could provide to make taking Action easier? Email us at!

The quickest way to get the message out: downloadable templates for printing out stickers on your own computer. We've got several different versions (including both color and black and white) as well as advice on what kinds of computer-printable labels stand up to the wear-and-tear of grassroots action.
Spray Paint Template
After a few eager Citizens took to inscribing pro-Truth graffiti in urban areas, it became clear that this could be an important part of the grassroots power of the Citizens for Truth movement. That's why we've added a simple downloadable template that (with a little work with a utility knife) will let you spray paint perfect "broken glasses" icons in your neighborhoods.
T-Shirt Iron-Ons
Our most popular set of downloads: templates that you can print out on iron-on transfers to make your own Citizens for Truth T-Shirts! A great way to take your call for the Truth with you where ever you go, on what ever color or size you want.

Citizen Action! Resources
Browse these other web sites to learn more about taking action. Including an "action planning manual" and tips from the ACLU on prying information out of government officials using the Freedom of Information Act!

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