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Citizens for Truth was formed by David James and Debra Meagher, who met online in a discussion group just a few days after the Bill Gates assassination. The original mission of the group was to seek an independent commission to investigate the three deaths on December 2, 1999 (Gates, Officer Tom Baker, and alleged assassin Alek Hidell) as well as the actions of the LAPD and other local authorities. Despite a vigorous campaign that included appearances before the Los Angeles Police Commission, the group was unsuccessful in its first mission--but Citizens for Truth did succeed in attracting over 50 members in its first three months.

Having been failed by official investigators in Los Angeles, Citizens for Truth has grown into a research and investigation entity itself. Still guided by the fundamental desire to know the truth behind the Gates assassination, the group operates on two main fronts: research and direct action. Among many other functions, a Research Committee headed by legal counsel Patrick Flaherty files Freedom of Information Act requests, collects witness statements and analyzes the available photographic and documentary evidence. A Direct Action Committee, chaired by Interim Director of Action Mark Anderson, agitates in public to keep pressure on local authorities and to keep the story of the hidden truth alive in the public mind.

In addition to the main two committees, the Finance Committee (chaired by the Rev. Keith Charles) helps find ways to pay the mounting bills; and the Media Committee and Workshop (chaired by CfT President Debra Meagher) distributes press releases and provides media training to those CfT members who make press appearances. A Conference Committee (co-chaired by Debra and David) recently completed the planning and execution of the Citizens for Truth First Annual Research Conference, a three-day event that included exhibits and seminars on key issues related to the Gates assassination. Citizens for Truth plans on holding this event on an annual basis.

Citizens for Truth operates democratically and welcomes all new members who seek the truth.

Mission Statement | Officers | About the Logo

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